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How to Grind Coffee Beans at Home

Do you want to get a cup of delicious coffee at home? If so then, grinding coffee beans at home is the best way to get brighter-tasting coffee. But how to grind coffee beans at home? Don’t worry; we are reviewing the six ways to grind coffee beans at home.

It’s 100% true that grinding coffee beans at home may give you excellent taste and flavor but to get it you just need some tools to grind the coffee beans at home. Undoubtedly, it will improve your coffee experience also.

So here are given six ways, how to grind coffee beans at home.

1. Using a Blender

You can grind coffee beans at home with a normal blender easily. Blender has a blade system that helps to chop the coffee beans just like a conventional coffee grinder.

Due to the development of modern technology, some blenders come with a grinder setting, that’s perfect for grinding coffee beans.

Just put beans in the blender and use the grinder setting to grind them as finely as you can and grind your coffee to the desired consistency. Keep on this process until you achieve the desired amount. I can suggest you use Ninja Bl610 Professional Blender to grind coffee beans at home to get fine powder of coffee grounds just like a conventional coffee grinder.

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2. Using a Grinder

According to grind level, you may find mainly 3 types of grinders: a blade grinder, a burr grinder, and a hand grinder. Among them, a blade grinder is suitable for very coarse, medium coarse, coarse, or medium grinds. It’s the common type of grinder for drip coffee makers, French presses, and cold brew makers alike. You need to put the coffee beans into the top of the grinder, and put the lid on, and press it down, and then it activates a blade that starts to chop up the beans.

If you want to get medium fine, fine, and very finely ground coffee then you need a burr grinder. A Burr Grinder is quite more expensive than a blade grinder because you can set any level of grind you want in a Burr Grinder.

If you like to grind coffee beans at home in an old-fashioned way then a hand grinder is perfect for you. You just need to load the beans in a canister and have to pump a handle that helps the blades inside to churn. It won’t give you a precise grind as the other two types do.

3. Using a Mortar and Pestle

Do you know where the coffee came from? From the very beginning, it originated from Ethiopia. In homes all over Ethiopia, grinding coffee beans at home with MORTAR AND PESTLE is a traditional ritual. This ritual is known as ‘bunny flat (a traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony).

This method is a combination of a hammering and rolling motion that helps to generate a consistent grind mixture. You have to just put a small amount of coffee into your mortar and have to use your dominant hand to hold the pestle, while the other hand holds the mortar. But be careful that you hold the mortar securely, to ensure it doesn’t slip from your hands during the heavy pounding with the pestle.

Give force to the pestle to make sure that you grind the coffee beans every corner to achieve a consistent grind.

Carry on adding the beans and crushing, until you have achieved the expected amount of coffee and to get more consistent results you have to put a small amount of coffee into your mortar at a time.

Though this method requires time you may get a fine powder of coffee grounds.

4. Using a Hammer

Hammer is an easily available tool that can crack and crush coffee beans easily. But be careful while using it as if it doesn’t damage your countertop. It helps to produce coarse to medium grounds.

You just need to put your coffee beans in a good place and then start to exert a downward force on the beans with the hammer. Continue to crush them until you have obtained the desired amount. This method is backdated now and no one wants to cause so much trouble as many modern devices have come.

5. Using a Rolling Pin

A rolling pin is a common method to grind things easily. So, you can crush and grind coffee beans rolling over a rolling pin to achieve a finer grind. If you do the right precision and execution with a rolling pin, you may get grounds with a medium to a fine texture.

The process of grinding coffee beans with a rolling pin is to put the preferred amount of coffee into a plastic bag or similar material and have to put the bag flat on the cutting board or counter.

Then, you have to use this pin like a hammer and have to roll over them until you obtain consistency.

6. Using a Knife

You may also grind coffee beans with a knife but it may be a little dangerous method. So, you should avoid this method if you find any available tools to grind. But do you know that it has a slightly wider blade that provides a larger surface part and more force to crush the beans and grind them?

Anyway, to crush the coffee beans you need to put coffee beans on a cutting board and then put the knife flatly on the coffee beans. And finally, have to give pressure firmly using your palm to crush the beans. You will get a medium to medium-fine grind using this method. But keep in mind that, this method is risky and dangerous.

What is the best way to grind coffee for good taste?

Actually, for a cup of good flavor coffee, a burr grinder is the best way to grind each batch fresh and to the recommended level of coarseness you need. Experts agreed that a burr grinder grinds the beans and results in an even-sized grind you desire, which is quite better than any kind of grinder.

But without a grinder, the best way to grind coffee beans to get a good taste of coffee is a mortar and pestle. You may truly achieve the right consistency and texture and a finer grind using this method.

But getting a good taste of coffee is not only related to the grinder but also related to the coffee maker. You need to use the variable temperature kettle to get a better flavor.


You may be able to grind coffee beans at home with the help of a grinder but it’s also not so difficult to grind coffee beans at home without a grinder. Use one of the methods of grinding coffee beans at home mentioned above but be careful while using it.

It’s obviously true that all of the methods are useless if you own a shop or store but in this case, you may buy a good coffee machine that grinds beans instantly.

But to grind coffee beans at home, you may use one of the six methods mentioned above to get a good taste and aromatic drinks. Thank you!!


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