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Ninja BL770 Review In 2023

How important it is to choose the right blender for your kitchen countertop?

A blender is an essential companion for your kitchen work. It enhances your juice-making experience and saves you time. Do you need a quick refreshing smoothie or fruit drink after a workout? Don’t worry, your blender is there to ease your work. There is a party at your house? Your blender will help you prepare any kind of drink or even crush ice. You can use your blender in many different ways and save your time. So, you must choose the right blender as your kitchen companion. If you don’t choose the right blender, your blending experience may not please you.

Here In this Ninja bl770 review, you can find the things you wanted to know before buying a Ninja blender. You will learn the whereabouts of the Ninja bl770 blender and the reason why you should buy it. This review will provide you with the necessary information. So, Let’s have a look!!

Ninja Bl770 Reviews
Ninja Bl770 Blender Reviews

Ninja BL770 Review:

Ninja Mega Kitchen System has been satisfying its customers for a long time. It is a popular and trusted brand. It has served its customers with many blenders of great performance. Ninja BL770 is one of the most popular ones of them. The Ninja BL770 blender is capable of doing many tasks. With the Ninja BL770 model, you can do a lot of things more than you can imagine. It can work like a blender, juicer, and food processor.

With its food processor system, you can make smoothies and frozen drinks. It has a multiple blades system. It will allow you to prepare juice quickly and crush ice very efficiently. This blender has a large container.

The Ninja BL770 provides the main pitcher of 72 oz. and a food processor bowl of 64 oz.

In this Ninja BL770 blender review, we will look into key specifications. We will also discuss how this blender performs. Note that these specifications make this model one of the best ninja blenders. It is also one of the best blenders in the market.

Ninja BL770 Reviews: Key Specifications-

More Info:


Like many Ninja products, The Ninja BL770 blender comes with some unique features. These features will make your blending easy and smooth. Some detailed info is given below:


Ninja Bl770 Blender has four different containers. These include a large pitcher of 72 Oz, two single-serve cups of 16 Oz each, and a food processing bowl of 64 oz. The pitcher, bowl, and cups are clear and made of strong, BPA-free heavy-duty plastic. It makes the blender lighter than the glass pitchers. All the containers are dishwasher safe. The large main pitcher has a pouring spout. And the single-serve cups contain drinking spouts with to-go lids. The clear containers will allow you to monitor the blending process. The pitcher is sitting on a black base. This base contains the touchpads and houses the motor.

Size, Storage, and Footprint:

With every part intact and operational, the Ninja BL770 blender’s dimensions are 9.5 x 8.2 x 17.75 inches. The blender is not very bulky or heavy. It will weigh about 9.2 lbs. You will feel comfortable moving the blender around the kitchen. The blender has a base of 8.2 inches which will occupy very little space on your kitchen countertop. But you may find it difficult to store it in the kitchen cabinet when the total unit is intact.


Like all other Ninja blenders, this model is sleek and stylish. The Ninja BL770 has a height of 9.5 inches, a depth of 8.2 inches, and a width of 17.8 inches. The pitcher is quite tall and there is a touchpad key on the base.


The Ninja BL770 has 4 different types of blade options. You may not find 4 different types of blades in any typical blender. These blades are specialized for different jobs. If you use these blades for their specialized jobs you can save your time as well as save power. The 4 blades option is to make different types of foods.

Furthermore, the 6 blades option is for blending high-powered work. Both these blade functions are for high-power blending. These will allow you to prepare fruit or vegetable smoothies as well as crush ice. Additionally, there is a dough blade option to crush the dough. This blade function will help you prepare dough for bread, cookies, and desserts. You can also use the single blade for doing regular low-powered blending. When you are making juice for one or two persons, this blade function will come in handy. The different blades’ function allows it to work as a food processor as well as a blender.

Quick Tip: The Ninja BL770 blender creates a lot of noise while working. You can reduce the noise by placing a folded dish towel or a rubber mat under the blender. This process will absorb some of the vibrations and reduce the noise.

Auto-IQ function:

The Ninja bl770 Blender has a multiple blades system and other unique features. These features make this one a versatile blender. It has a unique feature called the Auto-IQ function. This function works with its speed settings every and the pulse function.

This unique feature enables the blender to activate a unique pattern of pulses. This pulse pattern allows the blender to intermittently pause and blend. This continues until the ingredients are perfectly smooth.

As a result, the blender can work without the user’s input. So, you won’t be needing any guesswork for your blending job. The Ninja BL770 blender also has Total Crushing Technology. This technology enables the blender to crush ice or other hard ingredients perfectly.

Ninja BL770 Blender Performance:

The Ninja BL70 blender performance is quite impressive. It can pierce through any food ingredient you put into it. It can even crush the ice with its powerful motor and strong blades. It has several blade assemblies and speed setups for different purposes. These things ensure its great performance. Read the detailed whereabouts below:

Powerful Motor:

The Ninja BL770 comes with a 1500-watt/2 horsepower motor. This may be less powerful compared to other blenders in the market. But it has a total crushing technology. This technology can crush ice and whole vegetables within a few seconds. The sharp blades and the powerful motor enhances the blending capacity and saves you time.

Blending control:

Ninja blenders are easy to operate. The Ninja Bl770 Blender is also very user-friendly. It has 5 different speed setups. Each setup has its touch button. The buttons are indicated and stylish. See the speed setups below:

High Speed:

You can use this setup for chopping, grating, pureeing, and ice-crushing. It is ideal for making soups, milkshakes, or smoothies. Depending on the specific need, you can use the speed set up in conjunction with any container.

Medium speed:

This speed setup is effective in emulsifying or processing foodstuffs. It is perfect for making apple sauces, baby food, dips, stewed fruits, and spreads. You can use this versatile speed with a pitcher, bowl, or a single-serve cup.

Low speed:

You can use this speed setup for making dough for bread, cookies, pizzas, or pies. It works well in conjunction with the food processing bowl and the dough blade.

Pulse Function:

The pulse function is the manual speed setup controlled by the user. You can maintain the speed as you like in this setup. You can use this function for food processing consistency or mix ingredients.

Single Serve:

This speed setup is for individual needs. It is best suited for chopping, pureeing, grating, processing, mincing, or ice-crushing.


Cleaning the Ninja BL770 blender is a little bit difficult. Although you can wash it with the dishwasher, those who don’t have a dishwasher will face a problem. This blender does not come up with a self-cleaning function. Thus, if you don’t have a dishwasher then you need to wash it by your hand.

The good thing about this blender, you can dismantle each part and clean it. The blade of the blender is sharp and it is dangerous to clean. Moreover, the blade in the main pitcher shaft contains many grooves. So, you need to use a small brush to suspend the trash.

Warning: While cleaning, don’t let water get into the motor base or any other electrical component. And be very careful when cleaning the blades. To prevent cuts remove them before cleaning and hold them at the end of the shaft.


Ninja BL770 Blender Review: Pros & Cons




The Ninja brand never fails to please its consumers. It has always provided quality products. The Ninja BL770 Blender is one of the best blenders of the Ninja brand that people like a lot. Its price range is mid-level. But its performance rivals the costly ones. The Ninja BL770 blender is perfect for your kitchen countertop. It is not only a blender but also a food processor, that will meet your blending needs with great performance. It has a long list of pros with a few cons. If you don’t trust me you can check on Amazon. It has a 4.6 out of 5-star rating and most of the reviews are positive. You may not find any blender better than this at this price range. Although it has a short period warranty it will last for many years with great performance.


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